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Friday, January 21, 2011

Started the Week with a Bang!

I started this week at the bench on a roll.  I finished 4 pendants by Monday afternoon, and was really pleased with myself for being so productive.  I've been exploring variations of  a dimensional design depicting an etched garden with a tiny etched dragonfly hovering near.  I made two this week, "Emma's Garden", seen here and a flat oval one with a matching etched bail.  I really liked that oval one, but it sold right off the bench before I could snap a pic.

"Emma's Garden"
I can't seem to get enough of garden themes these days.  We are so firmly entrenched in winter that I think it is just my way of praying for an early spring.  This necklace continues the style of the Climbing Vine necklace I posted earlier.  Someone on my favorite jewelry forum said that it reminded them of apple blossoms, so I chose an apple green glass bead to accent the flower centerpiece.  It's still on the bench, because I'm just not sure it's done.  When I cut the components for Climbing Vine, I cut several more than I needed, just 'cause I love to use the saw, so you'll be seeing more in this line.

"First Bloom"
Green seems to be a continuing theme too.  I made this quickie pendant  "Earth Amulet" while the others tumbled.  Washers are so much fun to play with. Beat 'em with a hammer, and they become so much more.  Lightly oxidized patina and glass beads complete the pendant.  Leather cord was a natural for this one.

"Earth Amulet"

 Tuesday morning, I went to the bench ready to work on a project that required tiny discs.  I've never used a disc cutter before, but I figured, it can't be that hard.  Put the metal in the slot, hold the punch steady, and hit it like you mean it.  Wrong!  Put the metal in the slot, hold the METAL steady, and .... The tip of my left index finger turned to mush.  OMG that hurt!  It was so swollen I couldn't work for a couple of days. It is feeling better , so today I've been working on a feather cuff that I'll show you later. 

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